Exhibit Minecraft strives to provide its users with a top-notch gaming experience. Donations help us keep the community afloat, keeping all our systems up to date and running. This in turn allows us to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, with servers that respond seamlessly, and most importantly, an actual server to play on.

As well as appreciating every donation that you send us, we feel that we would reward you with some nifty gifts, just as a sweet "Thank You" for contributing to our server.

Should you need any help with donations, don't hesitate to e-mail Support at: origin@exhibit-minecraft.com at anytime!

All packages are automatically sent and can take up to 10 minutes to process.  Make sure you enter your in-game name exactly as it is displayed ingame when requested by the web-store.

If you would like to see the status of your package head to http://donate.exhibit-minecraft.com/status


Exhibit Minecraft is not afiliated with or supported by Mojang AB